Ann Liu

Plan-It Money Management App

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Money management and finance is important, but it’s often intimidating and difficult to understand. Plan-It is a space-themed app that reimagines money management in a comprehensible, utilitarian, and fun way.


Collaboration with Hannah Sun and Yenna Chang

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Input Purchase Rankings

Was the purchase necessary or an indulgence?

Was it worth it for its price?

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Color-Coded Purchase Rankings

Purchases are color-coded based on these four types of spending:

Convenient (overpriced, necessity). Ex. UberX Ride

Ideal (worth it, necessity). Ex. Rent in a cheap neighborhood

Luxury (overpriced, indulgence). Ex. Concert

Treat (worth it, indulgence). Ex. McDonald’s fast food

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Purchases Scatterplot

Each dots represent a purchase and the sizes are determined by the price, and the color represents the spending category.

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Cutting Purchases

Reduce purchases in the red quadrant (luxury category).

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Cutting Purchases

Toggle the range of purchases to cut (ie. if needed to make more drastic cuts in spending).

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User Persona Data

We had persona data provided to us for the project. Here is data about his demographic and spending habits and numbers.


User Persona: Daniel

Daniel is a full-time college student who doesn’t receive any financial assistance from his family. He has a part-time design position while in school.

Data about daniel

A loan check from college for $4000 every semester
He earns $370 (after taxes) every two weeks

Current Account
Total account balance: $4880
Credit Card debt: –$2700.
He is making a payment of $50 each month


We used this data to build the concept for the app and calculate scenarios.


App Screens Walkthrough

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