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Arts & Architecture

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About a&A

Arts & Architecture is an American design, architecture, and arts magazine. Arts & Architecture is crucial in the development of West Coast modernism. The magazine’s significant cultural contributions include its sponsorship of the Case Study Houses design-build-publication program. 

Arts & Architecture 1945-1954  is a reprint collection of which features John Entenza’s groundbreaking magazine Art & Architecture 1945 through 1954. It comes in ten boxes, each containing one year’s worth of magazines, 120 issues in total. Printed in limited 5,000 copies, this collection is a comprehensive record of mid-century American architecture. 

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About the project

Collaborating with Nanjin Li, we created an interactive experience in the form of an app/e-book for the Arts & Architecture magazines 1945-1954.

The phases of this project included weeks of reading and research, analyzing the inherent relationships, gathering contents, defining user personas, strategizing an interactive structure for the collection, and lastly, prototyping.

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STRATEGY GOALS: an app of discovery

  1. Create an accessible and intuitive system to help users navigate through the content.

  2. Give users more control of what they want to see and how they want to see it.

  3. Guide the user to make the most of the app.

Working Screenshots of User Flightpath